Secure Payment Network

FinPay Netcorp is a Trusted Corporate Payment Network between customers and suppliers. It allows you to obtain high quality benefits on your assets, strengthen your commercial relationships, and free up cash for your business without consuming financial risk.

Invite suppliers and customers in your supply chain, to generate a Trusted Payments Network restricted to quality and strategic users for your business.

You can do this very easily by importing your Outlook contact list or any .csv file into the FinPay Network and generate automatic and personalised invitations to proceed with the registration.


Creating a Payment Network has advantages

All companies have an enormous value in their Circulating Assets: their portfolio of Clients, their Suppliers and their Treasury.

Setting up a payment network with your trusted customers and suppliers guarantees greater security in collections and payments, thanks to our Irrevocable Payment Orders system.

Setting up a Payment Network as a scalable solution allows you to have full traceability in your commercial transactions, optimise cash flows in different currencies and access new sources of financing.

What is the registration and configuration process?

Security, reliability and collection guarantees for your business transactions are at the essence of our platform. For this reason, we believe that a Trusted Payment Network should be set up by the users themselves, to protect the integrity of their business.

Access to FinPay is by invitation only from your suppliers or your customers, in order to ensure maximum reliability in your business transactions.

Once you have received the invitation, you will be able to register on our platform quickly and easily.


What technology does FinPay use?

A state-of-the-art technological platform that does not require installation and communicates with your management systems with the AEB standard of the financial system.

FinPay EDE S.A.U., our Electronic Money Institution registered under number 6718 in the Register of Entities of the Bank of Spain, provides the necessary infrastructure to carry out transactions in real time, with no limit on the amount, in different currencies and international operations.

Our system of Irrevocable Payment Orders guarantees maximum reliability in collections.

Security is the most important thing

For us, security is the most important thing. For this reason, we have made the greatest investment in the protection of our Technological Platform, both in the design of its source code and in secure hosting. In addition, as we are regulated and supervised by the Bank of Spain, we guarantee transparent operations and the protection of user funds.

Secure Environment

The Source Code of our technological platform has been audited by an external entity that has a Certificate of Conformity with the National Security Scheme (ENS-2017/0004).

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Regulation and Supervision

All transactional operations are carried out with our Electronic Money Institution supervised and regulated by the Bank of Spain. FinPay EDE S.A.U. registered under N.6718 in the Register of Entities of the BdE (Bank of Spain).

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Customer protection

In order to comply with Law 21/2011 and Royal Decree 778/2012, our Electronic Money Institution deposits our clients' funds in an independent Asset Safeguard account.

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Currency Exchange

A secure payment platform, in different currencies, between trusted users must provide them with an alternative for the management of their currencies.

For this reason, we believe that the best way to offer solutions for your currency surpluses or needs is to optimise it among the platform's users themselves.

FinPay offers you a Currency Market in which users agree on the prices at which to exchange currencies, without going to the market, so the costs and risks per transaction are much lower than the traditional alternative.



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