Invoice Automation

Automate your operational invoicing processes, eliminate errors and reduce the costs associated with the process.

Digitally certify your invoices and turn them into assets with Blockchain technology to accelerate their collection and monetisation.

Absolute traceability and transparency without the need for any investment, simply by connecting to our Invoicing Portal.

BlockChain Digital Invoicing in 3 steps?

1. Set up your own invoicing portal allowing you to customise, issue and edit invoices. You can edit templates to adapt any tax rate for operations in any country.

2. Inform your suppliers in real time about the status of your invoices, as well as total or partial modifications of the different concepts in case of discrepancy.

3. Once the invoice is accepted by both parties, we proceed to Digital Certification with BlockChain for greater security, traceability and reliability, converting your invoices into Assets for trading on our FinPay platform.

Integration and Ecosystem

Accelerate your invoices on our Trusted Payments Network. The verified and certified invoice status with blockchain allows a greater ability to monetize it and get better economic conditions.

100% integration with any management system via WebService, exchange of compatible files or download in standard format, for agile and simple accounting reconciliation.

The entire invoicing process is free for FinPay users, from the generation of an invoice, its digital certification to its tokenisation in blockchain. If you are not yet a FinPay customer, request a personalised invitation or contact our sales team.


Scalable and Customisable

Our Invoicing Portal adapts to any type of company by size, type of business or sector of activity.

It is possible to customise the entire Invoicing Portal with your corporate image, with the purpose of bringing you closer to your customers and suppliers, improving the customer experience.

In this way you can incorporate BlockChain technology and Digital Certification of invoices into your business, without the need for complex and costly technological developments.

More information

Why digitise and certify your invoicing with Blockchain?

Simplify Processes

Operate with 100% of your invoices in electronic format, reduce operating costs, simplify processes and eliminate internal errors, thanks to the total integration with your system.


Convert Digitally Certified invoices into valuable assets through Blockchain digital certification, in order to accelerate their collection and monetisation in the FinPay Ecosystem.

Cost Efficiency

Our Invoicing Portal not only saves you processing costs, but also avoids environmental costs. One million paper invoices require 10 tons of wood.

Adapted to the Tourism Sector

FinPay offers additional features for the Tourism Sector, both in its Invoicing Portal and in its Payment Platform.

We integrate Booking Engine and capture real-time booking data. Every booking that is sold is automatically invoiced based on the business rules set up in our ecosystem, eliminating errors, processing times, and minimising discrepancies.

Invoices are tokenised, and full integration with FinPay allows payments to be processed, replacing less secure and transparent traditional methods, such as VCC's, and providing the security and certainty that is characteristic of our platform, offering the financing possibilities of our ecosystem.



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