Treasury Optimisation

Capitalize your treasury surplus without risk, while at the same time financing your suppliers thanks to the Advance Payment system of our Financial Market, agreeing with your suppliers the prices per transaction.

Your suppliers value the certainty of having Irrevocable Payment Orders, so they can release cash according to their treasury needs.

Our technology brings you closer to the international trend of Supply Chain Finance, the use of financial instruments and technologies for the management of working capital and liquidity in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Finance Report

A win-win system?

By investing your surplus cash to obtain discounts, you can earn risk-free returns that are much higher than traditional investments.

By automating your Trusted Payment Network through Irrevocable Payment Orders, you provide Security, Trust and Certainty to your Suppliers, financing them without risk. You can even set up pre-determined payment preferences and cash discounts for each supplier.

Supplier relationships and sustainability are key to a healthy business relationship. By injecting liquidity into your supply chain, you strengthen your suppliers and become their preferred customer.

How to optimise treasury in 3 steps?

1. Add irrevocable payment orders to the platform, manually, via our Invoicing Portal, file exchange, or by direct connection with your ERP.

2. Proceed to upload your Wallet to FinPay by bank transfer, and get ready to send your suppliers the irrevocable payment orders including the associated discounts.

3. Once the transactions have been carried out in real time, you can download the AEB file to reconcile the payments with your management system.

What is the negotiation process?

Negotiation is simple. Depending on your treasury surplus optimisation needs, you can propose discounts to several suppliers at the click of a button.

It is always the users who agree the discounts with their suppliers in order to strengthen their business relationships.

Your suppliers choose which invoices to accelerate according to their cash flow needs. They can accept payment at any time between invoice approval and due date.

Advantages of optimising your treasury


FinPay uses irrevocable payment orders that provide greater certainty and security of payment to your suppliers and make you their preferred customer.

Financial Return

By investing your surplus treasury for discounts, you can earn risk-free returns that are much higher than traditional investments.

Cost Efficiency

The price of each advance is negotiated between suppliers and customers, strengthening the business relationship with your suppliers and maximising the customer experience.


Tailored to the Practical Investor

Short-term, recurring investments can be very profitable for the annual income statement if they are made with the control, transparency and verification of a platform like FinPay.

As an investor you can inject liquidity into client's supply chain, and agree with them the terms and conditions of your transactions. In this way, you are very close to the business and your customer, transforming a negotiation into a recurring partnership with returns for investor, customer and supplier.

Knowledge of the client is fundamental, and FinPay has options to make available to them both the Company's Rating and mechanisms that act as risk mitigators



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