Trusted Payment Network, Financial Markets and Foreign Exchange

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Trusted Payment Network and Quality Business

FinPay is the B2B technology platform where you can set up your trusted payment network, and target your high quality business for first class performance.


FinPay is a secure payment network between customers and trusted suppliers. It allows you to obtain high quality services on your assets, strengthen your business relationships through Supply Chain Finance, and free up cash for your business without consuming risk.

To guarantee the security and reliability of all transactions, we use our Electronic Money Institution, FinPay EDE S.A.U. Registered under N.6718 in the register of Entities of the Bank of Spain, complying with the regulatory and normative requirements.

Our technological platform allows you to process payments in real time, optimise cash flows in different currencies, have full traceability in your commercial transactions, optimise treasury surpluses and access new sources of financing for working capital.


Treasury Optimisation

Make your treasury surplus profitable without risk, at the same time that you finance your suppliers thanks to the Advance Payment system of our Financial Market, agreeing with your suppliers on the prices per transaction.

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Financing of working capital

Obtain financing without consuming bank risk by monetising your expected receivables in our Financial Market, agreeing on discount prices with your customers or investors.

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Invoice Automation

Automate your operational invoicing processes, eliminate errors and reduce the costs associated with the process.

Digitally certify your invoices and turn them into assets with Blockchain technology to accelerate collection and monetisation.

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Why use FinPay?

FinPay is able to easily integrate into your ERP system, or perform file exchange. It does not require any software or installation and it is multi-device. It operates with standard files in the financial system such as the AEB and is scalable to any type of company by business, size and sector of activity.

Secure Payments

Payments in real time, unlimited amounts, multi-currency and operating in different countries.

Treasury Optimisation

Invest your treasury surpluses in your business and improve your financial conditions.

Currency Exchange

Risk-free, Cost Efficient, negotiating the price of the transaction between users

Alternative Financing

Access new sources of financing and monetise your client portfolio among qualified investors, independently of the financial system and without risk consumption.

Transparent Trading

On our platform it is always the users who agree on the prices of advances, financing and currency exchanges with their suppliers, customers and investors.

Cost Efficiency

Registration on the platform is free of charge. We only make money when we help you to optimise your treasury, alternative financing and currency exchange.

What does a Corporate Payments Network bring to your Business Model?

Improve the Customer Experience

Your company is informed at all times of the status of its payment commitments to suppliers, with the ability to automate and negotiate all or part of its invoices, certify them digitally, compatible in any sector of activity.

Strengthen your Business Relationships

Irrevocable Payment Orders offer a high level of security. FinPay regulates the quality of payments and their users, improving the guarantee of collection and offering the possibility of financing on the spot without risk consumption.

Optimise your negotiations

With FinPay you are offering advantages in operating costs to all the companies that are part of your business, efficiency, security and guarantee in your payments, all this allows you to improve commercial agreements in a natural way.


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